loomis marketing provides a unique combination of analytics and creativity

a quantitative and qualitative approach

• deeper understanding of end-user needs as the foundation

• aligning target segments to brand vision

• consistent application of brand messaging across all segments of business

a polished, professional approach to marketing issues

• >25 years marketing consulting experience with industry-leading companies

• diverse background in multiple areas of marketing

• significant experience working with CEOs and top marketing executives

practical, results-oriented bias

• ability to forge strong internal consensus

• implementable recommendations, given client history, situation and resources

• linking actions to profitability


we help re-balance marketing emphasis and spending


• better understand the customer

• refine or re-invent customer segmentation

• more effectively align products, services and brands to target segments

• calibrate costs to serve segments based on value proposition

• promote and sell to target segments more effectively and more efficiently